Health Tips For Outdoor Pets

Posted on: 12 June 2017

For many pet owners, it seems only natural for their animals to spend most of the time outside. Yet, it can be easy to overlook the health needs of your pet if it is outside where you can not easily see it. In order to protect your pet's well-being, there are several tips that you should be following when it comes to the time your animal spends outside.   Keep Your Pet Protected Against Common Pests
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Summertime Threats From Pet Parasites

Posted on: 8 June 2017

As the weather gets warmer, both pets and their owners are ready to enjoy the beauty of nature. However, behind the beauty lurks danger in very small packages. Parasitic insects can cause serious health problems for both pets and their owners, so extra vigilance is required to keep everyone safe. Ticks and Lyme Disease While Lyme Disease is endemic in certain areas of the country, it can be contracted anywhere where black-legged ticks are present.
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