Preventative Tips For Not Losing Your Pet

Posted on: 14 June 2017


When you have a dog that you adore, one of the last things that you want to find yourself dealing with is wandering around the streets looking for them and calling their name while you post fliers of them on street lamps. Losing your pet can be a devastating experience. You won't know where they are, if they are okay and if you are ever going to see them again. You want to make sure you do everything you can to avoid you from losing your dog and finding yourself in this position in the first place. The tips below will help you:

Keep your dog contained at all times

If you have a fence around your yard, then make sure you don't have anything leaning up against it that the dog can use to climb right over it and get away. If you don't have a fence in the yard, then you will want to make sure your dog is on a chain when you put them outside alone to go to the bathroom. Make sure you don't leave them on the chain for too long, it's not good for their physical health and mental health and in many areas leaving them on a chain for long periods of time is illegal. If you have a yard and don't want to fence the whole area in, you can get a dog run that gives your dog a fair amount of space to do their business in.

Have your dog properly trained

You should make sure that your dog is properly trained so you can decrease the chances that they would take off even if they were offered the perfect opportunity. You can take your dog to obedience classes where they will learn with a group of other dogs and you can even have a trainer come to your home and work with them. There are benefits to both. The classes get your dog used to listening when there are distractions and having a trainer work with them at your home allows them to work on specific issues.

Have your dog fixed

Dogs who are fixed tend to wander less. This is due to the fact that they won't have that strong mating drive that will cause them to want to go out and look for a mate to breed with. Both females and males are more likely to run away from home if they aren't spayed or neutered. For more information about animal medical care, contact a business such as Phoenixville Animal Hospital - R B Wolstenholme DVM.