Why Your Dog Needs Vaccines Before Boarding

Posted on: 14 June 2017


When you take your dog to be boarded for the first time, it is important to be prepared. Many dog owners lose track of their pet's vaccination records, but you will often need these in order to successfully board your dog. Why do dogs need vaccines before attending a boarding facility? Here's what you need to know.

Vaccines Protect Your Dog

Because boarding facilities see a larger volume of dogs from all different types of breeds and home situations, your first reason for vaccinations should be protecting your dog from others. Some diseases, like parvo, can be deadly for a dog, and the virus can live on surfaces like bowls, floors, and crate bars for months. If your dog is vaccinated and accidentally becomes exposed to a disease while at a boarding facility, you can rest easy knowing they are protected.

Vaccines Protect Other Dogs

Some dogs can be carriers for devastating diseases, without even appearing sick. If your dog is not vaccinated and seems perfectly healthy, he or she could still shed a virus to other dogs who do not have the same health. For example, puppies are more susceptible to getting sick just because they are younger and do not have all their shots. A boarding facilities that welcomes dogs of all ages, including puppies, need to make sure that even carrier dogs pose little threat to the other dogs who stay at the facility.

Vaccine Schedule

Your vet will tell you how often your dog needs vaccines, but most agree it's best to get a round of basic vaccines every year. Some owners are surprised by this frequency and feel they don't need to get shot quite so often. However, the yearly schedule is important to follow if your are boarding your dog because every dog (even within the same breed) has a different immune system. Your dog might be fine fighting diseases with the help of inoculations for two or three years, but another dog might only be safe for one year. There is no way to really tell, so the yearly schedule is set in place to keep all dogs safe. 

If you have more questions about vaccines before boarding your pet, contact a local dog boarding facility. They will be able to help you address the concerns you have about vaccinating your pet, and how else you can prepare your pet for boarding while you are away.