How To Help Your Dog Adjust After A Move

Posted on: 28 November 2017


Moving with pets can be a challenge for both pet and owner. Dogs become used to routine, and they may have trouble understanding why the routine is changing and why the house is being packed up. There are some things you can do to help your dog adjust to a move. Here are some tips to consider.

1. Board your pet on moving day.

Your dog will do best at a local boarding facility on the day you move. Even if you have a fenced yard or kennel area, the general hustle and bustle of the day may cause anxiety or over-excitement. Not only this., but you won't have time to see to the needs of your dog. Walks and feeding times will be interrupted by the needs of loading furniture and boxes. A boarding facility will keep your dog exercised, peaceful, and fed while you handle the move. You can even leave your dog at the boarding facility for a few days as you get unpacked at your new home. This way, when you bring your dog home, everything can go back to normal as far as routine.

2. Help your dog adjust to the new home. 

Help your dog get used to the new home by carefully introducing the space. Walk through the house and calmly speak. Don't used an excited, angry, or aggravated voice. Be calm and try not show worry, Dogs follow the example of their masters, and they will feel calm if you yourself are feeling calm. Show your dog where their familiar crate and bet are set up, and then take a walk around the neighborhood. Allow your dog plenty of time to sniff and explore the area on his leash. 

3. Find a new vet.

You'll also need to schedule a meet and greet visit with a new veterinarian if you've moved away from the area where you old vet lived. Allow time for the new vet and your dog to be comfortable with each other, and make sure you bring the medical records of vaccines and treatments over from your old office. 

4. Stick to your normal schedule. 

Even if you have new home, you can help your dog feel secure by keeping everything else the same. Go for a walk at the same time of day. Use the same food. Go to bed at the same time. If possible,plan to be at home with your dog for a few days to help them get the feel of the new "den." This way, your dog can feel confident that the move, while different, did not change anything important.