Choose A Puppy From An Animal Rescue Center And Help Them Transition Into Your Home

Posted on: 2 November 2017


If your children have been asking you if they could have a pet of their own and you have given in and chosen to adopt a puppy from a local animal rescue center, the tips below will help you and your kids select a puppy that will make a great companion and will help you transition your new furry friend into your home.

Learn About Various Breeds And Inquire About Each Animal's Past

After arriving at an animal shelter, ask a staff member if you can observe the puppies for a while so that you can see how they interact with one another. Ask questions pertaining to the type of breed each puppy is and how large each animal will be when they are mature. If some puppies are slightly older than others, inquire about their past and how the shelter acquired the animals.

For instance, if an animal was aggressive and their owner was no longer interested in keeping the puppy as a pet, you will appreciate finding this out so that you do not adopt the puppy and then find out later that the animal is too difficult to train or that your children are scared of them. If you want a docile, yet friendly pet, ask a staff member for a recommendation to assist with selecting a pet.

Purchase Pet Supplies And Create A Comfortable Haven

After choosing a pet, make arrangements to fill out paperwork and pick your pet up after you have purchased plenty of supplies that your puppy will need. Stop by a pet store to buy puppy food, food and water dishes, bedding, a leash, a dog crate, and toys. After making your purchases, head home to set up a comfortable area for your puppy to sleep.

Choose a section of a room that is not drafty and that does not contain valuable items that your pet could destroy. Try to create a sleeping area in an area that won't be far out of your view when you are at home so that the puppy will not feel lonely and you and your children will be able to keep an eye on your new pet. 

Follow A Daily Routine

Write a list of daily activities that you and your children will need to complete pertaining to the care of the puppy. Walking, grooming, and feeding your pet will need to be included in the plans. Of course, you and your children will want to play with your puppy as well. Ask your children to sit down with you to discuss the daily activities.

Tell your kids that you expect them to help you each day and that owning a puppy is a privilege, as well as a responsibility. If your children are in agreement with your list and anxious to help care for the puppy, ask them if they are ready to go with you to the shelter to pick up their new pet.