3 Reasons To Have Your Pet Bunny Spayed Or Neutered

Posted on: 20 June 2017


Besides dogs and cats, bunnies are a common human companion. Their usually sweet and gentle temperament make them peaceful companions and they can be housed indoors or out. Even though most people only think of spaying or neutering a dog, rabbits can be spayed and neutered just the same. In fact, bringing home a new pet bunny should also involve a visit to the vet for this very reason. Take a look at three good reasons to have your rabbit spayed or neutered even if it is the only bunny you ever plan to get.

Prevent territory marking behavior in the house.

Just like many other animals, bunny rabbits are territorial creatures. They will spray or urinate their environment to try and keep other rabbits and animals away or to attract a mate. This will not be a huge problem outdoors, but can definitely be a bother with a house rabbit. When spayed or neutered, the drive to mark their territory will be diminished, so the behavior will change.

Help your bunny get along better with other animals.

For the most part, rabbits can get along well with other creatures whether it is a dog, cat, or other small mammal like a hamster or guinea pig. However, if the rabbit is not spayed or neutered, they may occasionally show aggressive tendencies towards smaller co-pets. For example, if you have a guinea pig and a rabbit, the rabbit may be a bit of a bully and may even try to breed to guinea pig. After the surgery, your bunny will be less likely to get into scuffles with other pets you have around and will not be so intent on being the dominant personality over smaller critters.

Ward off excessive chewing behavior.

Rabbits do love to chew, and can often be found nibbling on whatever there is in their path. However, some rabbits chew excessively out of sexual frustration or to create nests for their young even when they are not pregnant. If your rabbit is chewing so excessively that they are causing a lot of damage to their enclosure, hutch, or your home, having them spayed or neutered can sometimes help deter the behavior.

In the end, there are really good reasons to have your rabbit spayed or neutered and doing so may even help it stay happy and healthy for a longer span of time. Talk to your vet about having your bunny spayed or neutered. If your pet has other problems, your veterinarian may even offer additional services like pet ultrasounds.