Four Smart Ways To Keep Your Cat Cool In The Summer

Posted on: 13 June 2017


You can keep the air conditioning set to a temperature that feels brisk and refreshing to you, but realize that you don't wear a fur coat all year long. Although their fur keeps them warm in the winter and protects their sensitive skin from insect bites, it can also make them feel hot and lethargic at the apex of the day during the summer months. If you want to avoid needing to take your cat to an animal clinic for over heating or sun exposure, stick to these four tips that outline how to keep your feline friend feeling happy and balanced.

1. Keep Your Cat's Fur Trimmed - Although your cat's fur might make it easier for it to get overheated, you don't want to get rid of your pet's best natural protection in an effort to keep it more comfortable. Contrary to popular belief, shaving a cat bare in the summer will not enable it to stay cooler. In fact, your cat might have more difficulty regulating its body temperature, which could put you on the fast track for needing to make an emergency stop at an animal clinic. Have your veterinarian neatly trim down your cat's fur if it is a long-haired variety instead of giving it a clean shave.

2. Circulate The Air In Your Home - Your cat might enjoy walking over the vents in your home from time to time when the air conditioning is turned on, but there's no substitute for a natural, cool breeze. Keep the windows open when it isn't sweltering hot outside, and use fans to keep your cat feeling cool and calm. It will be easier for your cat to sit still and catch a breeze with the windows open, and fans will help to ensure that the air does not become stagnant or stale.

3. Offer Your Cat Ice Cubes - Ice cubes are refreshing and completely safe for cats to enjoy on the hottest days of the year. Simply plop a few ice cubes in your cat's water bowl and watch it lap up the chilled water. You won't be needing to take any unscheduled visits to an animal clinic when you keep ice cubes on hand for your cat to lick all throughout the day.

4. Keep Your Home Shaded - Cats can get overheated when they stay in direct sunlight too long. Make certain that your cat has lots of places to nap, rest, and play in the shade so that you don't have to consult with your animal clinic. If you own an indoor cat, it should be simple to locate your cat's favorite chill out spots. For owners of outdoor cats, remember to check on them often and consider putting up a tent or canopy so that your cat is able to stay in the shade while on your property.